Free Yet still In Bondage

Province of the Week The province for this week is called Corrientes which touches Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay. Because of its border with Paraguay, people of this province speak Guaraní, a Paraguayan language, in addition to Spanish. The province has about a million people with a third of the population in the capital city also... Continue Reading →


Province of the week The province we would like to share with you this week is Córdoba. This province is in the center of Argentina and is the second-most populated province in the country with around 3.5 million souls. The capital city of this province is also called Córdoba with a population around 1.6 million... Continue Reading →

March Missions Update

Month In Review We have been busy this month with meetings in 5 states: NC, TN, KY, MS, and GA. This month our car reached a milestone as we made it to 200,000 miles. We have already traveled 28,465 miles in just six months of deputation. We were blessed to be a part of 2... Continue Reading →


Province of the Week Chubut This province is in Southern Argentina in the Patagonia region. It has about 507,000 people. The capital city of the province is Rawson with about 25,000 inhabitants; although, the biggest city in the province is Comodoro Rivadavia, which has a population around 183,000 and is much further south in the... Continue Reading →


Province of the Week This week’s province is Chaco. Located in northeastern Argentina, it shares a small border with Paraguay. The population is about 1.1 million people, and the capital city is Resistencia which has a metropolitan population of close to 400,000. Since this province is in the northern part of the country, it has... Continue Reading →


Province of the Week This week, I would like to share about the Province of Catamarca in northwestern Argentina. This province has a population close to 400,000 people and we currently do not know of any missionaries or churches here in this province. The capital city of the province is San Fernando Del Valle De... Continue Reading →

February Missions Update

Month In Review We had another wonderful month on deputation. We were able to be a part of two missions conferences and had meetings in 4 states. Province of the Month We would like to give information about the provinces in Argentina. This month we would like to share about the province of Buenos Aires,... Continue Reading →

Buenos Aires

I want to take a moment and tell you about the city of Buenos Aires. It is the only autonomous city in Argentina with a population of around 3 million in the city proper and around 14 million in the greater metro area. This city is very diverse with people and religions from all over... Continue Reading →

A Lonely Weekend

This past week, we had a couple of firsts. This was the first time I (Robert) had to travel by myself because Emma was home sick with the flu. Thankfully, she is doing better but is still getting over it. Please pray for us that we would stay healthy as we travel. It was interesting to... Continue Reading →

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