Interesting News from Argentina

This past week, our travels took us back to Iowa and Missouri. We were blessed by the opportunities to share our burden for Argentina and enjoyed getting to spend time in fellowship with other believers. Please be praying for Argentina. The vice president is leading a revolt against the president and taking over the cabinet.... Continue Reading →

Three Churches, Three States

We got to be in three churches in three different states this past week. On Sunday morning, we were able to be at a church in Illinois for their morning service and Labor Day picnic afterwards. Then we drove to a church in Iowa where Robert got to present and preach. For our Wednesday meeting,... Continue Reading →

August Missions Update

Month in Review Our meetings this month were in Indiana, Iowa, Arkansas, South Dakota, and Pennsylvania. We enjoyed the churches we got to attend including a missions conference and a missions day. The Lord has blessed us with new supporters who sent in and more who have promised support. We have about 137 days until... Continue Reading →

Iowa Again???

Last Sunday, we finished up the missions conference in Pennsylvania. We greatly enjoyed our time at the conference and the fellowship there. We then spent the week with Robert’s mom in Ohio and just arrived in Iowa for our meeting in the morning. For His Glory, Robert, Emma, and Lucille Becker

Cross Country Driving

It has been a crazy week, but a great week. Sunday we got to be at two churches in South Dakota. In the morning, Robert got to teach Sunday School and preach the service. After enjoying lunch with the church, we headed a few hours to another church for a great evening service where Robert... Continue Reading →

So Much Corn

August has already been a wonderful month and we are enjoying our time in the Midwest. This past Sunday we enjoyed an all-day meeting at a church in Iowa. Robert got to present in the teen’s Sunday School class, Children’s Church, and morning service, then preach in the evening service. Emma loved getting to play... Continue Reading →

July Missions Update

This past month, we traveled to North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, and Georgia. Five new churches decided to partner with us for which we are very grateful. Our most exciting news from this past month is that we bought plane tickets to Argentina for January 18, 2022!!! We are so excited to be able to... Continue Reading →

We Fly

We are so excited to announce that we have purchased plane tickets for Argentina!!!! Our departure date for the field will be January 18, 2022. We thank the Lord for getting us to this point and are excited for this next step. Praise the Lord for another new supporter this week which puts us at... Continue Reading →

June Missions Update

Month in Review We began this past month in Ohio planning the funeral for Robert’s dad. Robert got to preach the service, and we ask that you pray with us for many who heard the Gospel. We then spent a couple weeks in Ohio helping Robert’s mom. After getting to spend Father’s Day with Emma’s... Continue Reading →

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