November Missions Update!

Month in Review This past month we enjoyed meetings in Alabama, Ohio, Mississippi, and Tennessee. We are so grateful to the churches who have partnered with us this past month. Thanksgiving was a very blessed time getting to be with family and looking back on how good our God has been to us this past... Continue Reading →

Giving Thanks

Fun Fact about Argentina With Thanksgiving giving this week, we want to share a little bit about the food of Argentina. No, Argentina does not celebrate Thanksgiving, but their food is fantastic. One of the most popular feasts at an Argentine’s house would be an asado. An asado is Argentine barbecue that puts all Amercan... Continue Reading →

Eternity In Hell

Fun Fact about Argentina Recoleta Cemetery is a large historical cemetery located in downtown Buenos Aires. The grounds are located up on a hill and surrounded by a giant wall. The cemetery was originally founded in 1822, although the wall and gates were not built until 1949. Many of Argentina’s most important people in history... Continue Reading →


Fun Fact about Argentina In 1892, two children in a village outside of Buenos Aires were brutally murdered. No one witnessed the murder. All suspicion fell on the children’s mother’s boyfriend, but he denied all claims against him. The only evidence was a bloody fingerprint found at the scene of the crime, and police decided... Continue Reading →

October Missions Prayer Letter

Monthly Review For the majority of this past month, we were on the road up north. We got to be in two missions conferences in Indiana and West Virginia, as well as meetings in Tennessee, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and back to Indiana.  We are praising the Lord for four new supporting churches this... Continue Reading →

Riots and Unrest!!

 Pray for South America!  We would like to ask all our readers to please be in prayer for South America. So much unrest has happened this past week and more could come in the coming weeks. In Chile, protests broke out on Saturday over rising prices in the country such as public transportation costs. Rioters... Continue Reading →


Fun Fact about Argentina Ushuaia is the southernmost city in Argentina and has long been referred to as the southernmost city in the world. (Chile does have land that extends further south and recently claimed the military outpost of Puerto Williams as a “city” to try to claim the southernmost title. There is friendly competition between... Continue Reading →


Argentina Trivia Both the coldest and hottest record temperatures for South America were recorded in Argentina. The lowest temperature was -32.8 ⁰C (-27 ⁰F) recorded on June 1, 1907, in Sarmiento, Argentina. The highest was 48.9 ⁰C (120 ⁰F) in Rivadavia, Argentina, on December 11, 1905. Remember that since Argentina is south of the equator, the seasons are... Continue Reading →

September Missions Update!

Monthly Review We were blessed to travel this month to Pennsylvania, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina. A huge blessing from this month was the provision of new tires for our vehicle. We praise the Lord for providing for us and keeping us safe on the road. We are also thankful for a very... Continue Reading →

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