Summer in January

Interesting Fact about Argentina For those ready for winter to be over, just remember that Argentina is in the middle of their summer break. School lets out in mid-December and does not usually begin again until March. Family-owned stores may close up for a couple of weeks so the family can take a break. Many... Continue Reading →

The Name Book

Fun Fact about Argentina Argentina used to have a law that any baby born had to be named from a book of approved names. This originally began back in the 1800s with having to register each name to make the immigrants name their babies Argentine names. An actual list was made in 1952, with the reasoning... Continue Reading →

December Missions Update

Month in Review This last month we had meetings in Tennessee and Ohio. The most exciting part of December was welcoming our little girl into this world! Lucille Hope was born on December 7. We are so in love and are greatly enjoying our new life with this little miracle. Christmas was so special with... Continue Reading →

Baby’s First Trip!

Interesting Fact about Argentina Yesterday, January 6, was the Day of Kings, a day celebrating the wisemen bringing gifts to Jesus. The night before, children put a pair of their shoes under the Christmas tree to be filled with presents. They may also put out water and grass for the camels and bread for the... Continue Reading →

It’s A…..

Girl!!  A lot has happened in the last week since our last update. As many of you know, my wife and I were expecting our first child, and we decided to be surprised about whether it was a boy or a girl. Well, on Friday night last week my wife went into labor and by... Continue Reading →

November Missions Update!

Month in Review This past month we enjoyed meetings in Alabama, Ohio, Mississippi, and Tennessee. We are so grateful to the churches who have partnered with us this past month. Thanksgiving was a very blessed time getting to be with family and looking back on how good our God has been to us this past... Continue Reading →

Giving Thanks

Fun Fact about Argentina With Thanksgiving giving this week, we want to share a little bit about the food of Argentina. No, Argentina does not celebrate Thanksgiving, but their food is fantastic. One of the most popular feasts at an Argentine’s house would be an asado. An asado is Argentine barbecue that puts all Amercan... Continue Reading →

Eternity In Hell

Fun Fact about Argentina Recoleta Cemetery is a large historical cemetery located in downtown Buenos Aires. The grounds are located up on a hill and surrounded by a giant wall. The cemetery was originally founded in 1822, although the wall and gates were not built until 1949. Many of Argentina’s most important people in history... Continue Reading →

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