Gospel Shared and Orientation

The week before last, we greatly enjoyed our mission board’s orientation. We were really blessed by the classes and time of fellowship with our team members. Robert then traveled to Texas for meetings this past weekend while Emma and Lucy stayed home since Lucy had a stomach bug. We are so thankful for safe travels... Continue Reading →

March Missions Update

Month in Review Praise the Lord for five new supporters this past month and one church that will be increasing our support! After beginning the month at a missions conference in Michigan, we spent most of the month at churches in Pennsylvania, then ended the month with meetings in North Carolina and West Virginia.  Argentina... Continue Reading →

Assembling The Word!

Week in Review! On Sunday, we finished our last day of meetings in Pennsylvania for the month. Robert got to preach and present in both churches. On Monday we got to be a part of a missions conference in Ohio. We got to help with assembling Bibles in the Farsi language during the day, and Robert preached... Continue Reading →

Making Friends in PA

The past couple weeks we have been in churches around Pennsylvania. Robert has been blessed with opportunities to preach and present our burden for Argentina. We have greatly enjoyed the people we have been able to meet. Lucy has especially made some good friends and we have had some hard goodbyes. Our family is so... Continue Reading →

February Missions Update

Month in Review Praise the Lord for 4 new supporters this past month! We completed our trip out west with meetings in Arizona and Texas and finished off the month heading up to Michigan for a missions conference. We are so grateful for the Lord’s protection as we traveled many miles through all different kinds... Continue Reading →

Texas to Michigan

On Sunday, we enjoyed being in two churches north of Amarillo, Texas, and one of the churches decided to partner with us. On Wednesday night, we were blessed with a wonderful meeting also in Texas. We are praising the Lord for also hearing from another supporter which makes two new partners in the ministry this... Continue Reading →

New Supporter

We had another wonderful Sunday near Tucson, Arizona for a church’s missions month. We were then blessed with a few days getting to visit Emma’s grandparents near Phoenix. We are so grateful for a new supporting church this week! Please pray for us as we drive to Texas for Sunday. For His Glory Robert, Emma,... Continue Reading →

Ice and Sunshine

Sunday we had a really great time at an all-day meeting in Yuma, AZ, for their missions month. Robert got to teach Sunday school and preach both services. We then drove to the Houston, TX, area for our Wednesday night meeting. Robert enjoyed getting to preach again, and we enjoyed getting to spend some time... Continue Reading →

January Missions Update!

Month in Review Wow! One month of 2021 is already done! We were blessed with a great first month of the year with meetings in Florida and Texas. We are so thankful for the three churches who chose to partner with us this month. Province of the Month Tucumán is the second smallest province in... Continue Reading →

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