Santiago….Wait What?

Province of the Week  Santiago del Estero, the province of the week, is located in the northern part of the country and has just under a million people. About 100,000 people speak Quechua the native language of the Incas, although it is uncertain how the language was brought to the area. The capital city also... Continue Reading →

August Missions Update

Monthly Review Our meetings this past month were in Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia. Although we had some car trouble, we are so thankful that the Lord provided the funds to get everything repaired. We are so grateful to all the churches who have blessed us in amazing ways. Also, we are... Continue Reading →

The Lord Protects Us!!

Province Of The Week This week’s province is Santa Fe located to the northwest of Buenos Aires province. Rosario, the largest city in the province has over a million people. A missionary family we know recently started a church in this city. Please pray for their ministry and new church plant. The province overall has... Continue Reading →

A Need For Gospel witness’s

Province of the Week  Santa Cruz Province, located in southern Argentina, is the second largest province in terms of land mass, but the least densely populated with only about 275,000 people. The province was mostly populated by the Tehuelches people until the early 1900s when European immigrants settled there during World War I. This province... Continue Reading →

Praise Of The Week!

Province Of The Week San Luis province is located right in the center of the country of Argentina. The capital city of San Luis was founded in 1594, but was abandoned and not resettled until 1632. Although this province is small with only about half a million people, it has an extremely strong and advanced... Continue Reading →

July Missions Update

Monthly Review We spent most of this month up north with meetings in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia.  We also had a few in Tennessee and North Carolina.  One of the most exciting events of this month was getting to see Baby Becker on the ultrasound at our 20-week appointment. Cannot believe we are... Continue Reading →

Thank You

Province of the Week The Province of San Juan is located along Argentina’s border with Chile towards the northern part of the country. The capital city of San Juan has been affected by earthquakes including one that killed 10,000 people in 1944. It was during a fundraiser after this earthquake that future president Juan Perón... Continue Reading →


Province of the Week Located in the north part of Argentina, the province of Salta touches Chile, Paraguay, and Bolivia. Although most of the province is more tropical, a portion has a cooler climate due to the Andes Mountains. Uranium mining and agriculture make up most of the province’s economy. A popular tourist attraction is... Continue Reading →

On The Road

Province of the Week Río Negro is another province that makes up Argentine Patagonia located in the south-central part of the country. This province stretches from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Andes Mountains bordering Chile. The first European to visit the province was famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1520. This province can... Continue Reading →

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