April Prayer Letter

Month in Review

April was a very busy month! We continued to help at the English class and are excited that some of the students have attended the church services. Please pray for the salvation of these students and that they would continue to attend church. Robert also got to take a short trip to Chile to help a missionary for a couple days. This was a great opportunity to see the ministry in Chile under the leadership of Jason Holt. It was also good practice for language as Chile has a different accent than Argentina. 


We also got to go with Missionary Shawn Bateman to a couple of services with a group of believers in a city about 2 hours from Rosario called Pergamino. Please be praying for this group of about 20 people that meets in a house on Sunday nights. They desire to form a church but are in need of a pastor and if they keep growing they will need a building to meet in.Pergamino is a city of more than 100,000 people and as far as we know there are no Independent Baptist Churches. 

VBM Events

Vision Baptist Missions is offering multiple events over the summer. The World’s Cheapest Mission Trip is a four day trip in Atlanta to see the diverseness of religions in the US and learn about the need for the Gospel within the country and around the world.  For more information visit visionmissions.org/wcmt/. 

For His Glory,

Robert, Emma, Lucille, and Kelsey Becker

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