why I love Vision Baptist Missions



17155969_1248281938553929_4198244232601140512_n[1]Today I want to take the time to tell you about Vision Baptist Missions. This is the mission board that my wife and I plan on being sent out of. Vision is a different kind of board because it is so much more than just a board to handle your money for you. It truly is a family! And our president, who is also my pastor, Austin Gardner is very much like a father to all of us.  He really does want our success on the mission field. He does so much for us because he wants to see us on the mission field serving God and loving it. That to me is really what makes him a great leader. And how about our director Jeff Bush. I think he is kind of like the wise uncle of the family, who much like Pastor Gardner wants our success and is willing to take time and meet with us and push us in the direction that will help us most, not so he looks good but so that we grow in our relationship with Christ. That is really what the Leadership at Vision cares about: our relationship with Christ. Because they know that you can get the big buildings, numbers, and anything else you want and still be very empty inside because your relationship with Christ is not right. Vision Baptist Missions is something very special because when we get together it is one of the sweetest times because we truly care about one another and desire to love, care, help and encourage one another. That is why I have chosen to have Vision Baptist Missions as my sending board because I want more than just someone to handle my money on my internship in Argentina. More than just a name on a prayer card, I want a family behind me as I raise the money for my internship to Argentina and then as I go on my internship to Argentina. I would strongly encourage you to check Vision Baptist Missions out. They offer great missions trips with great missionaries for you and your church.


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