Idol Worship!

This week we had the opportunity to take a trip to Mar Del Plata a city about four hours south of Buenos Aires.
The city is known for its beaches and is where many people from Buenos Aires go for vacation in the summer. Right now, it is winter, so it was very cold.

While we were there, we saw the Cristo Redentor which is a large statue that is supposed to be Christ, but it is nothing more than an idol. At the bottom of the statue are many plaques of people’s names as well as boxes of ashes. These items are placed here by the family of the deceased in an attempt to get the deceased person into heaven. It broke our hearts to see people worshipping this idol. These people are lost and are without the knowledge that they do not have to rely on their own works to get them to heaven.

Mar del Plata is the 7th largest city in Argentina according to with a population of about 700,000 people, and as far as I know, it only has two Bible-believing churches for the whole city. Will you join me in praying for the people of this city that they would be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Yours in Christ
Robert and Emma Becker

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