This past week was a special one for us as we were commissioned by our church as missionaries.  We received a plaque and an arrow to serve as a reminder to give our all in the ministry and to not just do enough to get by. This idea comes from 2 Kings 13:14-18 where the king comes to Elisha and is told to hit the ground with arrows. He does so, but only three times and Elisha is mad at him for not believing and just doing a halfhearted job. We were challenged to give deputation and all of ministry the best we can.

We also had our first meeting in the state of North Carolina in Hickory, NC, on Sunday morning, and we were in Shelby, NC, in the evening. It was a great day.


Please Pray for

  • Our schedule to fill up
  • Our safety on the road

For His Glory

Robert and Emma Becker

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