Happy New Year from the Beckers

Happy New Year from the Beckers.

This past week we were in Ohio for the Our Generation Summit put on by Vision Baptist Missions. It was a weekend filled with powerful preaching and teaching on how you can get involved in World Evangelism.

As well this past Friday night my Grandpa Becker passed away from cancer. We are so thankful that he is in Heaven now and we will see him again someday. It made me think though of the millions who die in Argentina without Christ and are eternally separated from Him. We want to go to Argentina to tell them about a Savior so that they do not have to die without knowing Him. Please pray for us as we fly to North Dakota this weekend for the funeral.

Next Tuesday, January 8, will be a World Evangelism Fellowship at Vision Baptist Church. I would like to invite you to this fellowship for a time of preaching and fellowship lunch. Here is a link for details.


For His Glory
Robert and Emma Becker 

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