April Missions Update

Month in Review
The first Sunday in April, we were able to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior at a church in Georgia. Following a wonderful week at our mission board’s orientation in North Carolina, we had meetings in Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. The Lord also blessed us with four new supporting churches. We are praying to be at 60% by the end of July so we can buy plane tickets.

City of San Juan
The city of San Juan, Argentina, located in San Juan province, is the 10th largest city in Argentina. This city of about half a million people has mostly modern infrastructure due to multiple earthquakes destroying the original buildings. Located in a fertile valley with a view of the Andes Mountains, the city is surrounded by lush fields, orchards, and vineyards. Sadly, although agriculture is thriving in this city, there is a great lack of the Gospel. Please pray for this city.

World’s Cheapest Missions Trip
Vision Baptist Missions is offering a missions trip in Atlanta, GA, to spend time with missionaries and give an understanding of religions and cultures around the world. This trip is for teenagers and young adults and is perfect for anyone interested in missions or ministry. The dates are July 20-23 and costs $175 (meals and hotel included). For more information email ourgenerationtrainingcenter@gmail.com.

Miles: 4,888

Prayer Requests:

  • Ability to leave within the year
  • Safety on the road
  • New supporters
  • Spiritual growth 

For His Glory

Robert, Emma, and Lucille Becker

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