March Missions Update

Month in Review

We had a great month getting settled into a routine. Language school started a few weeks ago and has been going well. Please pray for us to be able to understand what we learn and to work hard at practicing. Lucy is also doing well adjusting and is beginning to use some words in Spanish. We praise the Lord that we were able to get our car which has helped immensely.

Prayer Request and Praise

A big prayer request for this month is for us to be able to get our visas extended and be able to begin working on our residencies. Emma had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago, and we praise the Lord that our baby girl is very healthy and growing perfectly. We cannot believe that we only have about three months before she arrives.

Open House

We are so excited for the new property for the Baptist Center for World Evangelism. This new property in Dawsonville, Georgia, will house our missions board Vision Baptist Missions as well as the Our Generation Training Center a training center for missionaries. On Saturday, May 14, anyone is invited to the Open House on the new property! From 10-11 AM there will be a tour and time of dedication. Please be praying that the Lord will use this new property for His glory!

For His Glory,

Robert, Emma, Lucille, and Baby Girl Becker

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