August Missions Update

Month in Review

At the beginning of August, Emma’s parents got to visit for a couple weeks. We enjoyed getting to show them around the city, take them to church events, and introduce them to Argentine food. We were blessed by special times of fellowship with some families at church which included a fútbol (soccer) game and asados (Argentine cookouts). The week after they left, we had our meetings at the immigrations office and we received our temporary residency papers! This is a big answer to prayer! Now we are waiting for our official letters of acceptance for permanent residency and our ID cards which could take up to three months. Language classes have been very challenging, but we have enjoyed lots of opportunities to practice and talk to people.

Trip to the Cemetery

While Emma’s parents were in town, we went to the large cemetery in the city. Many families are buried in large crypts, usually in beautiful ornate buildings. Many contain small shrines to saints and the living family comes to pray for the souls of the deceased loved ones. While we were there, we talked about the heartbreaking fact that the large majority of the 60,000 people buried there most likely did not know Jesus Christ as their Savior and are now suffering in hell. These people probably spent their lives working to get to heaven but died without trusting in Christ alone for salvation. While there is no hope for those who have already passed, we want to bring hope to those who are still living.

For His Glory,

Robert, Emma, Lucille, and Kelsey Becker

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