October 2022 Prayer Letter

Month in Review

Happy Spring from the Southern Hemisphere! Victory Baptist Church had their second missions conference this past month. The church was filled for every service and it was great to see people excited about missions. The speakers were Pastor Ezekiel Rojas, a missionary from Buenos Aires to Tucumán, and Pastor Freddy Paz, a missionary from Perú to Buenos Aires. It is encouraging to see these families reaching people with the Gospel! We made a lot of progress in our Spanish books this month. We are so thankful for the patience of our teachers and the Lord’s strength as we learn this language.

Upcoming Next Month

In November, we have a meeting at the US Embassy to obtain Kelsey’s US citizenship and passport. Please pray that everything will go well so that we can complete this final step to have all the documents that we need. Please also pray that we will be able to receive our residency papers and ID cards within the next month.

Our Generation Summit

The Our Generation Summit will be in Dawsonville, GA, at the campus of Vision Baptist Missions this year. This will be a great time of knowledge and excitement about taking the Gospel to the world. The dates are December 29-31, and the cost is $65. For more information visit visionmissions.org/summit.

For His Glory,

Robert, Emma, Lucille, and Kelsey Becker

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