In my last post, I announced that I will be going on a six-month internship to Argentina I just wanted to share a little bit about the country today. Argentina is the 8th largest country when it comes to the land they own (1,073,500 sq mi) and is the 32nd by population with 44,271,321.  It is a largely Catholic country at 74% followed by non-religious at 15% Protestant 8% other 2% and Islam 1%. We see that it is a country full of religion but not truth, my wife and I are going to help Patrick Henry take truth to this country that is in need of the Gospel. To do this we will need to learn Spanish the official language of Argentina. Argentina is a federation of twenty-three provinces and one autonomous city, Buenos Aires. Provinces are divided for administrative purposes into departments and municipalities. So, here are just a few facts about the country of Argentina where I will be taking my six-month internship.

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