Weather in Argentina


Today I want to share some facts about the weather in Argentina. Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere, and because of this, they are opposite to us in seasons. They have four seasons just like us: winter (June–August), spring (September–November), summer (December–February) and autumn (March-May).
When we leave in January we will be going from winter to summer. When we come back we will be leaving a cold winter in July to a nice hot Georgia summer. The cold there is not terrible. The actual temperature during winter is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but it feels much colder than that because it is a wet/damp cold. Plus, unless you are in a big chain store there is no heat! They do not have central air in their houses.

So will you pray for us as we go to minister to the people of Argentina, and as we continue to raise the 30% of support still needed to get us there. As you enjoy the heat of July say a prayer for us as we shiver in the cold of July!

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