As we are only 5 days away from leaving, we received some interesting information. We had an apartment reserved for us but in November it was rented out, and the man it was rented to was a drug lord. So, the government/police raided and seized control and tore it apart in search of drugs, so it is no longer able to be habitable. That is okay though. The Henry’s are looking for another apartment for us, but I do ask that you would be praying for us and the people of Argentina that are held by this bondage of drug use without knowing the freedom found in Jesus Christ.

Ways to be praying for us.

  • As we travel to Argentina leaving on the 30th.
  • As we begin to learn the language.
  • As we adjust to a new way of life in Argentina.
  • As we boldly witness for the Lord to the people of Argentina.

The next time I send out an update we will be in Argentina!!!


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