Fun Fact Friday!

The Argentine kiss: We have been here a week and we are learning a lot about this beautiful country! One of the many enjoyable things we are adjusting to is the Argentine way of greeting. By Argentine greeting, I mean giving a kiss. In Argentina, when you greet someone or say goodbye to them, you give each other a kiss on the cheek.
Let me explain how you kiss someone when you are greeting them (or saying goodbye). Here in Argentina, you touch your right cheek to their right cheek and make a kissing sound— done.
It has been an amazing first week here and each day we fall more in love with this beautiful place. Today we start language school which will consist of 20 hours a week with our teacher, plus practicing through shopping, ordering food, and using public transportation.
Please be praying for us as we continue to adjust to our new surroundings and way of life, and as we learn the language so that we can share the message of Christ with the people of Argentina.

In Christ,
Robert and Emma Becker

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