Weekly Review 2/12-17/18

This past week, we had language classes which are both fun and brain melting at the same time! We are growing in the language each day. As part of our internship, we need to memorize Bible verses in Spanish. We have asked our language teacher Sandra to help us know how to say the words correctly, and I do ask that you would be praying for Sandra. She does not know Jesus Christ as her personal Savior, so I ask that you would pray for her and that the Word of God would work in her heart even though we can not share the gospel with her at this time.
 Also, I had the opportunity to go to Paraguay on a survey trip to see if that might be where God would have us to go as missionaries. While there we checked out two cities, Asunción the capital and Ciudad del Este. I was able to go with Patrick Henry, Jason King, and another intern from Chile, Stephen Carrier. It was great to be able to spend time with many different missionaries while there as well as see the need for the life-changing power of the gospel in that country. I do ask that you would be praying for us as we pray more about where God would have us to go in the future.

Yours in Christ
Robert and Emma Becker.

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