Walking Through The Dead


This week we had the opportunity to go to an area of Buenos Aires called Recoleta. While there, we were able to go to the Cementerio de la Recoleta. It is a very large cemetery with thousands of graves mostly of important people from Argentine history. Many times, whole families would be buried in one mausoleum, and we saw up to 10 caskets in one. Some of the mausoleums were fifty feet tall and some had life-size statues of the person buried there. Going through this made me think of Heaven and Hell, and how many of these people never had the chance to hear the Gospel of Jesus and are now in Hell.

You see, that is why we are here in Argentina; that is why we are learning a new language; that is why we are learning a new culture and “climbing over the wall” as a good friend once told me because people are lost and without hope. They are dying and going to Hell, and my wife and I are here to do what we can to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ before it is eternally too late for them.   

(Stay tuned to hear more about “The Wall” next week)


Please be Praying for us

  • To learn the language.
  • To learn the culture
  • To be bold in talking to those around us as much as we can.




Yours In Christ

Robert and Emma Becker


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