Risen From The Dead

I hope that many of you had a blessed Easter this past week. I want to share with you how Easter is celebrated here in Argentina. Here Holy Friday (or Good Friday) is a much bigger deal than Resurrection Sunday. Think of Thanksgiving or Memorial Day in the States and that is what you get here. Everyone gets Thursday through Monday off, but many don’t know why? They just enjoy the time off from work and have a good time. Everything closes so you better stock up. Our street that is usually very busy was like a ghost town. Please be praying for us as we grow through this internship so that we can give them a reason to celebrate Easter, the true reason, of the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
We had a special service on Friday night at church and had 32 in attendance which was great.  Jesus Christ as many are new believers in Him.I do ask that you would be praying for the people that make up Faith Baptist Church to continue to grow in

Yours In Christ
Robert and Emma Becker


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