March Missions Update

It was a good month for us as we continue to learn the language and adjust to the culture. It was also a good month for the church as three people were saved, as well as there was a small increase in attendance.

One of the things we observed this past month, is that people are people no matter where they are from. Many times, we can think that just because they speak a different language or eat different foods they are not the same as us. In reality, we are all the same. This past month we observed that there are fathers who wake up and provide food for their families, and there are mothers who care for their children and pick up their children from school each day. Children go to school just like children in the US. I want to tell you about something I saw on the train one evening. We were heading home, and I saw a man in a wheelchair with his son, and they were smiling and laughing and having a good time. The boy was about 8 or so, and he was climbing all over the place being goofy like kids are. He was doing pull-ups on the bars on the train, just having a good time. His dad was laughing and smiling too. Maybe something like this has played out in your household between you and your children.

Maybe you have seen something like this. What this made us realize is that people are really the same even if they speak a different language or have a different culture. This doesn’t change the facts that they have families that they love too. But one thing that is different is that most of these people will never get a chance to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We would like to challenge you fathers to pray for the fathers of Argentina; mothers pray for the mothers of Argentina; brothers and sisters pray for the brothers and sisters of Argentina. There is one need that all people of the earth have, and that is to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Things to pray for 

  • For our spiritual growth
  • For the congregation of Iglesia Fe to grow in their faith 
  • For our language school teacher Sandra to accept Jesus Christ as her Savior
  • For the Lords directing in our lives 
  • For us as we continue to learn Spanish 
Yours in Christ
Robert and Emma Becker 

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