Feliz Día del Padre

This past Sunday, we had a great service for Father’s Day. Before the service, we had a Father’s Day breakfast and fellowship. During the service, every father was recognized, given a gift, and prayed over. The preaching was about the characteristics of a godly father and the example of our Heavenly Father. I would ask you to pray for the fathers of Faith Baptist to be godly men who lead their families in the way of God.
We are constantly reminded of the need for the people of Argentina to know the Lord. Last week, a bill was passed through the lower congress making abortion legal in Argentina. This bill will now go to the upper congress. Over the past few months, we have seen many activists, both for and against this bill, along the streets throughout the city. People are fighting for their “rights,” but what they really need is Jesus Christ. Please be praying that this bill will not be passed, and that people will come to know the Savior.

Yours In Christ
Robert and Emma Becker 


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