Chili Time…….?

This past week we had the opportunity to go see the ministry that is going on in Santiago, Chile. We had the opportunity to go to Valeparaíso a city on the Pacific coast as well as go to up to the top of the tallest building in South America to see the Andes Mountains. We really enjoyed our time there and are so thankful to the team there for showing us around.
This was a great opportunity for us to see a ministry that is really going well and to see what the ministry here in Argentina will be in years to come. Here in our area of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the ministry is just starting to get off the ground with the church being only about a year old. In Santiago, the ministry has been going for about fifteen years, so you can imagine the difference between the two. We really enjoyed seeing seven of the churches while we were there.
It was great to see this and to get a vision for what will happen here in Argentina!
Can I ask you to pray for the team in Santiago as they continue to reach that city with the Gospel, and I ask you to pray for the team here as we continue to reach this city with the Gospel.

Yours in Christ
Robert and Emma Becker

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