Buenos Aires

I want to take a moment and tell you about the city of Buenos Aires. It is the only autonomous city in Argentina with a population of around 3 million in the city proper and around 14 million in the greater metro area. This city is very diverse with people and religions from all over the world. This city also has an open door to see local churches started. Please pray with us that this city would be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

This past week we enjoyed being close to home (within 4 hours) for our meetings, and on Friday night we enjoyed getting to be a part of the World Evangelism Prayer Time at Vision Baptist Church led by Emma’s dad, Ty Pepperdine missionary to China. We spent time praising and thanking the Lord as well as praying for our missionaries around the world and for more laborers to take the Gospel to the world.

Please be praying for my (Robert’s) dad as he has had some medical issues. My dad was admitted to the hospital Sunday night for heart and blood pressure issues but seems to be doing better now. Please continue to pray for him.

For His Glory 

Robert and Emma Becker 


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