Province of the Week

This week’s province is Chaco. Located in northeastern Argentina, it shares a small border with Paraguay. The population is about 1.1 million people, and the capital city is Resistencia which has a metropolitan population of close to 400,000. Since this province is in the northern part of the country, it has a subtropical climate. This province is one of the poorest provinces in the country. We do not know if there are any missionaries in this province. Some fun facts are that each province has its own flag and coat of arms much like the United States.

Weekly Review

We had a wonderful week being in North Carolina on Wednesday and Georgia and Tennessee on Sunday. Praise the Lord that a young lady accepted Christ as her Savior at the end of Sunday night’s service! We are also thankful that we heard from two churches that have decided to partner with us to take the gospel to Argentina. Would you please join us in praying for 73 more churches to partner with us this year.

For His Glory,
Robert and Emma Becker

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