Province of the Week Chubut

This province is in Southern Argentina in the Patagonia region. It has about 507,000 people. The capital city of the province is Rawson with about 25,000 inhabitants; although, the biggest city in the province is Comodoro Rivadavia, which has a population around 183,000 and is much further south in the province. We are unaware of any Bible preaching church or missionary in this Province.  A fun fact about this province is that it has a large Welsh settlement with about 5,000 Welsh speakers. The city of Gaiman, located in the center of the province, is known by the Welsh name of  ‘Y Wladfa”


Week in Review

We had a wonderful week of meetings in Georgia and North Carolina. We were so excited to hear of another supporting church as well. We have had the privilege of watching 14-month-old twins for a few days and even got to take them to our Sunday meetings. It was a whole new experience traveling with kids, but we really enjoyed getting to experience a little bit of the parenting life and pray that God would one day bless us with children of our own. They did so well and were a lot of fun. We are grateful to their parents for trusting us with them.


For His Glory

Robert and Emma Becker

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