Lot’s Of Cows But Few Churches

Province of the Week

This week we would like to share about the province of Entre Rios (“Between the Rivers”) located in the northeast of the country and shares a border with Uruguay.  This province has a population of around 1.3 million with around 250,000 of those living in the capital city of Parana. One of the main industries of this province is agriculture, including rice, wheat, soy, citrus, dairy products (close to 4.5 million heads of cows producing nearly 250,000 tons a year), beef, and sheep. They have many farms, but unfortunately, they don’t have Bible-believing churches that we know.

Week in Review

We pray that you had a very blessed Easter weekend. We were able to enjoy being at our home church for the Easter services. The Lord used these services to speak to us through His Word. We also enjoyed getting to spend the weekend with Emma’s family. We look forward to this next week as we travel to many different parts of North Carolina.


For His Glory

Robert and Emma Becker


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