April Missions Update

Month in Review
This month we enjoyed having one meeting in Alabama
and all the rest were in North Carolina. We have
definitely gotten to know North Carolina very well. Easter
was spent at our home church, and we had a blessed day
celebrating our risen Savior with Emma’s family. We are
looking forward to being in Florida the first part of May.
Praise the Lord for a new partner in the ministry to
Province of the Month
This month’s province is Chaco. Located in northeastern Argentina, it shares a
small border with Paraguay. The population is about 1.1 million people, and
the capital city is Resistencia which has a metropolitan population of close to
400,000. Since this province is in the northern part of the country, it has a
subtropical climate. This province is one of the poorest provinces in the
country. We do not know if there are any missionaries in this province.
Our Generation Camp
We highly recommend the Our Generation Camp for all teens and youth
groups to be able to learn more about how they can be involved in worldwide missions. It is a week where missionaries and pastors do the preaching and teaching.
Teens will also learn about discipleship and living the victorious Christian life. This year two weeks of camp are available. For more info go to ogcamp.org.

Miles Traveled This Month 5,288

Prayer Requests
• For safety as we travel
• For meetings to fill our schedule
• For us to be a blessing to the churches we visit
• For continued spiritual growth
• For the missionaries and ministry in Argentina at Faith Baptist Church
• For 71 new supporters this year

For His Glory
Robert and Emma Becker 

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