May Missions Update

Monthly Review

This past month was a busy one for us. From having meetings in NC, GA, FL, and SC, to being able to spend time with extended family at Emma’s sister’s college graduation, as well as being able to spend a week with our mission board at our yearly orientation. We are so excited that Faith Baptist Church in Lanus, Argentina, was officially organized this month. Please continue to pray for the church and its members.

Big News

We are excited to share with you all that coming this December we will be adding a new member to the Becker family! Emma and I are so excited to be parents! We are so thankful that God would give us a child and can’t wait to hold our baby.

Province of the Month

The province of the month is Chubut located in Southern Argentina in the Patagonia region. It has about 507,000 people. The capital city of the province is Rawson with about 25,000 inhabitants; although, the biggest city in the province is Comodoro Rivadavia, which has a population around 183,000 and is much further south in the province. A fun fact about this province is that it has a large Welsh settlement with about 5,000 Welsh speakers. We are unaware of any Bible preaching church or missionary in this province.

Miles Traveled 5,547

Prayer  Requests
· For safety as we travel
· For meetings to fill our schedule
· For us to be a blessing to the churches we visit
· For continued spiritual growth
· For the missionaries and ministry in Argentina at Faith Baptist Church
· For 70 new supporters this year

For His Glory 
Robert, Emma, and baby Becker 


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