Join Us In Prayer

Province of the Week
Neuquén is a province located in the western part of the country sharing a border with Chile at the Andes Mountains. Many relics from native ancient peoples have been discovered as well as dinosaur bones. This is a very diverse province with many fertile areas of orchards, oil fields, and mountainous ski areas. One of the ladies at the church we interned at while in Argentina was from Neuquén and we were able to see pictures of this beautiful province. Please be praying with us that laborers would be raised up to bring the news of the Gospel to the half a million people of this province.

Week in Review
We had a wonderful past week in Tennessee and Ohio. We are praising the Lord for another church partnering with us this week. Please be praying for us as we spend most of this month traveling up north.  Also, join us as we pray for five more churches to partner with us this month.

For His Glory
Robert and Emma Becker


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