Thank You

Province of the Week

The Province of San Juan is located along Argentina’s border with Chile towards the northern part of the country. The capital city of San Juan has been affected by earthquakes including one that killed 10,000 people in 1944. It was during a fundraiser after this earthquake that future president Juan Perón met his future wife Eva Duarte who became one of the most important women in Argentine history. A gold mine has been in operation in the Andes Mountains since 2005. Please pray for the almost 700,000 souls living in this province that laborers would rise up to get the Gospel to them.

Week in Review

We enjoyed being at our meeting in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania last Wednesday night. Please be in prayer for the pastor of this church as he is facing medical issues and an upcoming surgery. After a couple days of being back home in Georgia, we were blessed to spend all-day Sunday at a church in Jefferson City, Tennessee.

While we were home, Emma had an ultrasound, and we are praising the Lord that Baby Becker is doing very well. This week we reached the halfway point of the pregnancy!

Thank you to all who have been praying for us.

For His Glory

Robert and Emma Becker

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