July Missions Update

Monthly Review
We spent most of this month up north with meetings in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia.  We also had a few in Tennessee and North Carolina.  One of the most exciting events of this month was getting to see Baby Becker on the ultrasound at our 20-week appointment. Cannot believe we are halfway to meeting him/her!  Also we are praising the Lord for two more partners in the ministry this month.

Province of the Month
The province for this month is called Corrientes which touches Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay. Because of its border with Paraguay, people of this province speak Guaraní, a Paraguayan language, in addition to Spanish. The province has about a million people with a third of the population in the capital city also called Corrientes. An interesting fact is that this province has one of the largest hydroelectric power generators in the world at the Yaciretá dam. General San Martín, the Liberator of Argentina, was born in this province in 1778. This province was the birthplace of the man that gave them freedom from Spain, but they still remain under spiritual bondage. As with many other provinces, we currently are unaware of any missionaries in this province.

World Evangelism Fellowship
Our home church, Vision Baptist Church, is hosting a new event for worldwide missions this November! Come join us as we hear from veteran missionaries, mission board directors, and mission-focused pastors. For more information and a list of topics and speakers visit https://visionmissions.org/world-evangelism-fellowship/. 

Miles Traveled This Month 6,804

Prayer  Requests
· For safety as we travel
· For meetings to fill our schedule
· For us to be a blessing to the churches we visit
· For continued spiritual growth
· For the missionaries and ministry in Argentina at Faith Baptist Church
· For 65 new supporters this year
· For us to be bold witnesses for Christ

For His Glory
Robert and Emma Becker 

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