A Need For Gospel witness’s

Province of the Week 
Santa Cruz Province, located in southern Argentina, is the second largest province in terms of land mass, but the least densely populated with only about 275,000 people. The province was mostly populated by the Tehuelches people until the early 1900s when European immigrants settled there during World War I. This province has many natural resources such as gas and mining (including the country’s only coal mine), and a large sheep industry. When many workers went on strike to protest the poor working conditions in 1922, the government under President Hipólito Yrigoyen executed about 1,500 of the protestors. Because this province is far down south and part of Patagoina, it is extremely cold and is known for its glaciers. The capital city of Río Gallegos has about 98,000 people. Please pray for a gospel witness to this province and its
Weekly Review
This week we had our first meeting in West Virginia on Wednesday and enjoyed being close to home in Georgia on Sunday. We are excited for one new partner in the ministry this week and praying for three more this month.

For His Glory 
Robert and Emma Becker 


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