The Lord Protects Us!!

Province Of The Week
This week’s province is Santa Fe located to the northwest of Buenos Aires province. Rosario, the largest city in the province has over a million people. A missionary family we know recently started a church in this city. Please pray for their ministry and new church plant. The province overall has about 3 million people with about 400,000 in the capital city also called Santa Fe. Twenty-one percent of the cultivated lands of Argentina are in Santa Fe, whose main crops are soybean (main national producer), sunflower, maize, wheat, and rice but also strawberries, honey, wood, and cotton. Please pray for the people of this province.

Weekly Review 
Last Wednesday, we enjoyed another meeting in Ohio, and on Sunday we were in Georgia. All three churches greatly blessed us, and we had the opportunity to see a teenage girl accept Christ as her Savior on Sunday morning. We passed multiple car accidents while on the road this week, and we are so thankful for the Lord’s protection during all of our travels.

For His Glory
Robert and Emma Becker 


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