Santiago….Wait What?

Province of the Week 

Santiago del Estero, the province of the week, is located in the northern part of the country and has just under a million people. About 100,000 people speak Quechua the native language of the Incas, although it is uncertain how the language was brought to the area. The capital city also called Santiago del Estero is the oldest city in Argentina and is an important place for Argentine folk history. The province has had an interesting and rough political history. In 1993, riots broke out with 4,000 demonstrators destroying government property and raiding homes of politicians. In 2002, the governor at the time, Carlos Juarez, was found to have ordered the assassination of two of his political opponents and possibly others during the 1990s. Although he resigned, he appointed his wife to take over so that he could still have some power. His wife was quickly removed from power by the president and the couple was placed under house arrest for the rest
of their lives. This province needs missionaries to tell them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the true peace found only in Him.

Week In Review 

This past week we were blessed with meetings in Georgia. With being in other states so much the past couple months, it was wonderful to only travel a few hours. Please pray for the salvation of a lady we met at on Sunday morning who just moved to Georgia from India. Emma also got the opportunity to teach a class hour for ladies at the Our Generation Training Center this week.

For His Glory 

Robert and Emma Becker 

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