The Last One!

Province Of The Week

Well, we have done it! This is the last Province of the Week. Tucumán is the second smallest province in Argentina in terms of land mass, but the most densely populated province in the country with 1.5 million people. This province, located in the northwest part of the country, has a good economy and is known for its agricultural production of fruits, crops (mostly sugarcane), and livestock. The capital, San Miguel de Tucumán, is the fifth largest city in Argentina with almost 800,000 people. Argentine independence from Spain was originally declared at the Casa de Tucumán located in the city. The city has also been the location of trials of high-ranking military officers charged with war crimes from the dictatorship of 1976-1983. We do know of a missionary working in this province, but more laborers are always still needed. Our language-school teacher was from this province and told us she was praying for missionaries to preach the Gospel in her hometown. Would you join her in prayer for this province?

Weekly Update

This past week we were able to present our ministry to wonderful churches in South Carolina and Georgia. The church on Sunday night blessed us with money for new tires for our car. We are so grateful as our tires get a lot of wear with all the traveling.


For His Glory

Robert and Emma Becker

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