Riots and Unrest!!

 Pray for South America! 

We would like to ask all our readers to please be in prayer for South America. So much unrest has happened this past week and more could come in the coming weeks.

In Chile, protests broke out on Saturday over rising prices in the country such as public transportation costs. Rioters have burned many train stations, buses, and even supermarkets, and an estimated 15 people have been killed.

In Bolivia, elections on Sunday brought on protests from people claiming the current president is getting help on the inside to win the election. These allegations are being supported and encouraged by the opponent.

Argentina has elections this Sunday which we are praying will not bring on problems. For our interesting fact for the week we wanted to share some interesting details about elections in Argentina. Voting is required by the government and no meetings of any kind can take place on election day. Since election day is always Sunday, this means that it is illegal to have church on that day.

 Unfortunately, so many South American countries rely too much on the government and take to protesting and rioting when something does not go their way. The people need to know the hope that is in the Lord where only true peace can be found in a relationship with Him.


Week in Review

We had a great finish to our missions conference in Indiana last week. Tuesday night we got to teach in children’s church, and on Wednesday Robert got to preach. After meeting a pastor for lunch on Thursday, we drove to Robert’s parent’s house in Ohio. On Sunday, we were blessed with two wonderful meetings in Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

For His Glory 

Robert and Emma Becker

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