October Missions Prayer Letter

Monthly Review

For the majority of this past month, we were on the road up north. We got to be in two missions conferences in Indiana and West Virginia, as well as meetings in Tennessee, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and back to Indiana.  We are praising the Lord for four new supporting churches this month.

Province of the Month

This month, we would like to share with you about the province of Jujuy located in the northwest part of the country. It shares a border with Chile and Bolivia. The population of the province is about 700,000 people with 300,000 in the capital city of San Salvador de Jujuy. This province has a history of Inca civilization as well as other ancient native Latin American groups. Their industries are petroleum and sugarcane. We do not currently know of any missionaries or Bible-preaching churches in this province. We know that this has been repetitive, but we do it because we want to show that Argentina is still in great need of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Generation Conference

The Our Generation Conference is coming up on January 2-4, 2020. This is a wonderful time for church groups, families, or individuals to learn about reaching the world with the Gospel of Christ. Come to hear preaching, get to know others interested in world evangelism, and meet missionaries to countries all over the world. This year’s conference will be located in Buford, GA. For more info click here

Miles Traveled = 4,547

Prayer  Requests

  • For safety as we travel
  • For meetings to fill our schedule
  • For us to be a blessing to the churches we visit
  • For continued spiritual growth
  • For the missionaries and ministry in Argentina at Faith Baptist Church
  • For 10 new supporting churches this next month
  • For us to be bold witnesses for Christ

For His Glory 

Robert and Emma Becker 

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