Giving Thanks

Fun Fact about Argentina

With Thanksgiving giving this week, we want to share a little bit about the food of Argentina. No, Argentina does not celebrate Thanksgiving, but their food is fantastic. One of the most popular feasts at an Argentine’s house would be an asado. An asado is Argentine barbecue that puts all Amercan barbecues to shame. An abundance of meats, most likely cuts of beef, are cooked on a large iron grill. Often a skillet of thick provolone cheese called provoleta will also be grilled and used to spread on bread. Asados are times to get together with family and friends and enjoy lots of meat.

 Week in Review

Last Wednesday, we drove back to Mississippi and were blessed with a wonderful meeting at a church, and Sunday we enjoyed being in Tennessee. Robert was grateful for more opportunities to preach and present our burden for Argentina. We hope you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for everyday, but are looking forward to spending a day with family. Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

For His Glory 

Robert and Emma Becker 

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