Eternity In Hell

Fun Fact about Argentina

Recoleta Cemetery is a large historical cemetery located in downtown Buenos Aires. The grounds are located up on a hill and surrounded by a giant wall. The cemetery was originally founded in 1822, although the wall and gates were not built until 1949. Many of Argentina’s most important people in history were buried here including the beloved Eva Peron. Each family owns an ornate crypt in a house-like structure which houses all the coffins. It is the responsibility of each of the families that own the crypt to keep it up. Some are very well kept but others have fallen into disarray. We visited the cemetery and saw some that were broken down with the coffins fallen over and some even open. The ground is said to be sacred and those buried here have a greater chance to get to heaven. Sadly, there is no hope for these people buried here. Most likely many are spending an eternity in hell. We need to get to Argentina to tell those who are still living the only true way to heaven through Jesus Christ.

Week in Review

This past week we drove out to Mississippi. We enjoyed getting to stop to see Emma’s sister and her fiance along the way in Pensacola. On Sunday morning, Robert got to teach Sunday school, and we got to stay for lunch and an afternoon singing service. At the church in the evening, he got to preach. Please pray for us as we are only a few short weeks away from the arrival of our baby! Also, please be praying for nine more supporters this month.

For His Glory 

Robert and Emma Becker 

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