Merry Christmas From the Beckers

We just want to wish y’all a very merry Christmas from our family to yours. We are so thankful for a day to celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to earth to die on the cross and rise again for the redemption of sin. 

Most of us probably associate Christmas with winter, but Christmas in Argentina is a summer holiday. Many spend their Christmas vacation with family at the beach. One of the biggest traditions is setting off fireworks at midnight on Christmas Eve. Other traditions include putting up Christmas trees, setting off floating lanterns, and eating a meal with family (usually an asado).

Please pray for Robert’s dad as he is in the hospital dealing with kidney failure and heart problems. Tomorrow the doctors are planning on putting a heart catheterization in and doing another round of dialysis. Please be praying for him that God would heal him of this failure in his kidneys and that he would not need to do dialysis on a regular basis. 

For His Glory,  

Robert, Emma, and Lucille Becker 

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