Baby’s First Trip!

Interesting Fact about Argentina

Yesterday, January 6, was the Day of Kings, a day celebrating the wisemen bringing gifts to Jesus. The night before, children put a pair of their shoes under the Christmas tree to be filled with presents. They may also put out water and grass for the camels and bread for the wisemen.

Week in Review

Last week, we attended the Our Generation Conference put on by Vision Baptist Missions. Where we had a part in challenging young people to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I ask that you would please pray for those who committed their lives to serve Jesus Christ. 

Our Sunday morning meeting was in Georgia and we headed up to North Carolina for the evening. This was Lucy’s first official day of deputation. She did great, and we are adjusting to traveling with a baby. She does great in the car and enjoys looking out the window Today our baby girl is one month old! This week we are at a missions conference in North Carolina. We have already been very blessed by the church and are looking forward to the rest of the week.

For His Glory 

Robert, Emma and Lucille Becker 

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