The Name Book

Fun Fact about Argentina

Argentina used to have a law that any baby born had to be named from a book of approved names. This originally began back in the 1800s with having to register each name to make the immigrants name their babies Argentine names. An actual list was made in 1952, with the reasoning that a baby’s name should not be strange or cause confusion about the baby’s gender. By the time the law was revoked in 2014, the approved list consisted of 9,807 names. Now, parents can name their baby whatever they like as long as it is not offensive.

Week in Review

Praise the Lord, we heard of a new supporter this last week! On Sunday, we were in Alabama and Georgia. Please continue to pray for us to be able to continue to fill up our schedule for the year.  Lucy is doing well, and we are grateful for a healthy little girl.

For His Glory 

Robert, Emma, and Lucille Becker 


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