Dirty Wars

Interesting Fact about Argentina

The Dirty Wars were a time of terrorism in Argentina which took place from 1976-1983. After the overthrow of the government, the military took over in an attempt to remove all suspected Communists in the country. During this time about 30,000 Argentines went missing. Even as of today, many of those missing have never been found. The military dictatorship ended after Argentina’s loss in the Falkland Wars with Great Britain.

Week in Review

We had a very good past week in Ohio. The church on Sunday morning had converted the cafeteria of an old three-story schoolhouse into their sanctuary and used classrooms for children’s Sunday school rooms. The building had a lot of character. Robert was able to share his testimony in Sunday School, present our ministry, and preach. Emma was also able to share her testimony to the ladies’ Sunday School class and share about Argentina. On Tuesday, Robert got to preach at that church’s Christian school.


For His Glory 

Robert, Emma, and Lucille Becker 


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