January Missions Update

Month in Review

What a great start to 2020! The year started with the Our Generation Conference put on by Vision Baptist Missions. We then had wonderful meetings in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Lucy is doing very well with traveling for which we are thankful. We are also grateful for 3 new supporters in January.


Province for the Month

Mendoza is the fourth most populated province in Argentina with almost 2 million souls. This province is known for its agriculture, mining, and tourism. The first governor of this province was General San Martín who led Argentina to victory for independence from Spain. The capital city, which has the same name as the province, is a popular spot for skiers as it is close to the Andes Mountains. This beautiful province needs missionaries to give the people the true message of the Gospel.


2020 Missions Trips

Vision Baptist Missions offers many different missions trips every year. These trips are great for either groups or individuals who want a hands-on experience with overseas missions as well as an opportunity to see the need for the Gospel in another country. For information visit visionmissions.org.


Prayer Requests for February

  • Meetings to fill our schedule
  • Ten new supporters
  • Safety as we travel
  • Spiritual growth



For His Glory


Robert, Emma and Lucille Becker


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