June Missions Update

Baby Girl Is Here!

We are so excited to announce that Kelsey Victoria Becker made her appearance on June 28 at 11:35 in the morning. Praise the Lord that Emma and Kelsey are doing well, and we are grateful for a healthy baby. We are all very much in love with this little girl.

Month in Review

This past month was very busy as we prepared for baby girl’s arrival, but also with events at church. The ladies of the church blessed Emma with a baby shower and the men had a cookout for Robert. We are greatly enjoying getting to be a part of Iglesia Bautista Victoria. A new outreach program started this past month and it has been wonderful to see new visitors to the church already. We also got to attend a night of a missions conference at another church in the city. There is a great need here as Rosario has a population of almost two million people and there are only three independent baptist churches in the whole city.

Upcoming in July

Last month we asked for prayer for our paperwork. We praise the Lord that we were able to obtain the first piece of paperwork we needed for our residencies. Now that Kelsey has arrived, we have to make sure we get all of her Argentine and US paperwork completed and continue to work on ours. Please pray for us as we navigate this process.

For His Glory,

Robert, Emma, Lucille, and Kelsey Becker

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  1. Praise the Lord the healthy birth of Kelsey and that Emma and Kelsey are doing well. The pictures are so precious of your Girls! Praying for you and family and your needs. Sent from my iPad



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