Man of Influence



P1030545Today I will be starting a series about the men God has placed in my life to help get me to where I am today. The first one will be about David Gross, Missionary to Moldova. I first met David when I was about thirteen. He was at my church’s missions conference. We got to talking and he found out that I was interested in missions. He spent a lot of time with me during the conference talking about missions and what I could do in missions. Then he gave me the missionary biographies of Hudson Taylor, David Livingstone, George Muller, Nate Saint, Lottie Moon, Captain John Birch, and Betty Olsen, which both got me really interested in missionaries and reading. Then he personally invested time ( 2 Timothy 2:2)  in me by coming to my house and picking me up and taking me to the mall and showing me how to witness to lost people and have conversations with them. Then we would email back and forth and became good friends! Then when I was eighteen after I had graduated, I took a trip to Moldova for about two weeks to really see what missions was and to visit my friend. The two weeks I spent with David were incredible, and he had again many things to teach me and again he followed the outline of 2 Timothy 2:2. We had times of Bible study together, and he taught some of the language that I still remember a few words today. He also helped me see that what type of schooling or rather training I should get in order to better help me as I moved forward into becoming a missionary. So today I am very thankful for David Gross and his willingness to invest in my life and to help me see that I could do something for the cause of world evangelism.

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