New Years in Argentina!

new years

As we come to a close to the year, many of us have different traditions that we do on New Year’s Eve. Some eat sauerkraut and sausage, some fast to bring in the new year, many stay up to watch the ball drop, and some just sleep in the New Year and wake up the next morning.

In Argentina, they have their own way of bringing in the New Year. Argentines are creative when it comes to seeing in the New Year. On the last day of the year, they shred old documents and papers to symbolize leaving the past behind. Around noon, people throw the scraps of paper from their windows all over the city in a shower of confetti. Another tradition is to run around the house with a suitcase in hand, with the belief that doing so will ensure more travelling in the coming year.

But this coming year it will bring the Becker’s (us) to Argentina, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray that the Lord blesses you all this coming new year.

Please be praying for us as we raise the final 30% of our support that we need.

With love,

Robert and Emma Becker


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