Hear the Howl of the Wolfman

This past week we learned some very interesting information about me (Robert) from our language teacher. We were practicing using the new words and phrases we had been learning by answering her questions about our families. On finding out that I have six brothers, she asked who is the seventh brother. When I told her that I was, she was very shocked and started saying “el hombre lobo” — the wolfman!! She then went on to tell us about an old Argentine superstition how the seventh son turns into a wolfman on nights of full moons, but that the seventh son can be saved from this curse if the President adopts him as a godson.

 Because we were not sure if we understood her correctly, this lead me to do further research on the subject. I found out that in this curse, it is believed that when they are a wolfman they hunt until they find a victim. It was believed so much that at one point they were actually killing the seventh son; but in 1907, the President of Argentina, in an attempt to stop people from killing their sons, said that if the president adopts the seventh son the curse will have no effect on him.  Unfortunately, many cultures have superstitions that they believe, and they live in the bondage of allowing these superstitions to control how they live. How can they get out of this bondage? By Jesus Christ alone, Who can free them through His Gospel. Please be praying for the people of Argentina that they will know freedom through Christ.

Yours In Christ

Robert and Emma Becker


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