April Missions Update

Month Review 

Last month was a great month for us from feeling like we really are starting to understand the language to going on our first of two visa runs to seeing the congregation of Faith Baptist Church grow spiritually.


Visa Run

Because we are staying in the country on a tourist visa, we have 90 days to stay in Argentina before we must leave then come back in. For our first visa run, we had the opportunity to go to the city Colonia in Uruguay. We were able to take a ferry across the bay in the morning, and after spending the day exploring the city, we headed back in the late afternoon. The country of Uruguay is one of the most atheistic countries in Latin America, due to it being a very wealthy and humanistic country. They simply believe they don’t need God, which is very sad to me.


Woman’s Meeting

This month Faith Baptist Church had its very first woman’s meeting. This event had a great turnout. The ladies enjoyed games, food, and a lesson. It was a good time for the woman of the church to fellowship and build relationships. Emma really enjoyed this event and is looking forward to the next one.


Yours In Christ 

Robert and Emma Becker

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